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Old China Poster


Detail from model "poster_s012"

All old posters displayed here are old from 1910-1930 in China . Click on the icons to see a larger version of the products (opens in another browser window).
(size 50cm*78cm)

These old posters cost only USD 15!
(international post not included)

classic posters

Classic poster in 20's for perfumes
(size 50cm*78cm)

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"Old Poste - Happy Lady" Buy It
(size 50cm*78cm)

Happy Lady (poster_h001)

Happy Lady (poster_h002)

Happy Lady (poster_h003)

Happy Lady (poster_h004)

Happy Lady (poster_h005)

Happy Lady (poster_h006)



"modern in 20's " Buy It


poster of a famous film star in 20's.

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"Ladies on boat" Buy It


ladies on boat


Three ladies on Boat from 20's, from this post we can see what dress is in fasion in 20's of China and many details...

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